Monday, 29 April 2013

1950s Dress

This is definately my favourite thing I have sewn so far! The pattern for this dress came free with Sew magazine. It was so easy to follow and allows for several variations, so I'm already planning my next dress!

This one has a cape collar and is sleeveless, with pockets in the full skirt. I made it with cotton fabric I bought on ebay with a lovely bird & bows design. It has a zip in the back, and I managed to construct the whole thing in 4 and a half hours one evening!

Here Comes The Sun...

" Here comes the sun...It feels like years since it's been here!"

It seems that the weather has finally started to warm up ever so slightly & sunshine is trying it's best to stay. I usually get my garden sorted much earlier in the year than this, but it's been far too cold so far for any veg plants to survive.

This weekend I took my cue from the sunshine & finally planted out all the delicate little plug plants I'd been keeping alive in the sunroom. All my veg grows in my front garden as there's not enough room in the back, and despite my mum being concerned about neighbours stealing my tomatoes I've not had a problem so far! I have a greenhouse and a veg bed out the front, and these are nicely full now with tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, mangetout & pak choi. Plus at the side of the house I have a 3 tier planter system with salads, herbs, spinach & beetroot all growing from seed.

It feels so nice to have finally got things organised outside, and I'm now looking forward to eating it all!