Monday, 4 November 2013

Bronwyn's New Clothes!

With winter drawing ever nearer, and Bronwyn's reluctance to go out in cold weather, I decided it was time she had a new coat. I'm not sure she was thrilled with this idea, but it's her fault for being a wimp about the cold!

The fleece 'dog poncho' was made from a cheap pet blanket, picket up for 70p in a baragin shop. As fleece doesn't fray I didn't even need to hem the edges, making this the quickest sewing project yet!

To layer up over the top of the fleece I made a waterproof coat from an old umbrella donated to me by my friend Rachel - I even reused the red frill from the edge of the umberella, which I'm sure you'll agree Bronwyn looks thrilled about!

Her reputation as the best dressed dog in the village is safe for another season!

Owl Cushions

After seeing cute vintage style owl cushions in lots of shops I decided to save myself the £15 plus they seem to cost everywhere and make my own. This proved to be the perfect way to use up scraps of fabric, the all the patches on the front can be different fabrics. I used iron on bondaweb to fix all the pieces in place before machine stitching it all over the top, as this meant I didn't run the risk of the tiny pieces moving while I was sewing.

The stuffing was an old duvet inner that Bronwyn had ripped up, so I think these little fellows are very eco friendly and recycling unwanted bits!

In future I think I will make some stuffed with dried beans so they can be used as doorstops.